We offer customized services that are tailor made and individually designed to fulfill all designer needs. The company's vision is premised on a one to one relationship and our true strength is in your ultimate satisfaction.

With seventeen years of experience within the furniture industry, we pride ourselves on performing each and every transportation job carefully and in a professional manner.  Our warehouse specialists/furniture technicians are experienced in providing proper follow-up in order to ensure the highest level of customer satifaction.

All furniture is handled by qualified people who have the training and experience to provide you with an efficient and worry-free delivery service.  This ensures that you get the most dedicated professionals and the most precise response times.


A Designer Move
  is fully equipped and insured and your merchandise is handled by qualified people. 
A Designer Move  will do everything possible to keep your deliveries within your two hour time frame, calling your client along the way to keep them informed of any delays.
A Designer Move  follows Designers' floor plans when the designer is not on site.
A Designer Move  pays extra attention to every detail when setting up at every delivery.
A Designer Move  guarantees that your client will be 100% satisfied on every job.

Well, where do we start....how about "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways."
Since your inception in 2003 was it, we have been nothing less than thrilled to do business with you and your company A Designer Move. When the girls and I sat down to write this, we made a list of all of your good qualities and we couldn't write fast enough.
The service at A Designer Move is always:

  • Competent
  • Both dependable & reliable
  • Efficient providing accurate time frames for delivery/installation
  • Reasonable in time lines, pricing, quotes & no hidden fees
  • Helpful in dealing with both repairs & returns, sending alerts with pictures immediately
  • Professional & courteous staff, always polite, friendly, respectful & well kempt
  • Integrity & honesty, you can always trust Amador/owner to provide you with accurate estimates
  • Accommodating & flexible with scheduling requirements & limitations

With all that said we still feel it necessary to say that our business would not run as smoothly as it does without the help of an outstanding receiving warehouse/delivery company. It's truly a "Designer's" dream.
Thank you for this opportunity to express our opinion.

The Ladies @ Bacarella Interiors

Bacarella Interiors
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